With New Memebership Options
Trend offers an innovative unlimited flight membership that empowers your travel simply, elegantly, anywhere in Florida. Just pay one monthly fee then fly as many times as you like on our network. With instant booking and convenient private terminals, you can arrive just 15 minutes before your flight and take off in the comfort of a private airline.
How's Trend different than flying commercial?
Commercial air travelers are accustomed to the complicated, cumbersome, and expensive processes of the current flying experience. From tedious comparison-shopping to flight traffic and congestion at commercial airports to endless delays and crowded lines, air travelers waste valuable time and money daily. Becoming a Trend member introduces you to a revolutionary way to fly. It gives you the freedom of unlimited flights, Mobile booking, and a new and easy arrive-and-fly process.
What makes us different from other private opperators.
Flying in a private charter or jet can be expensive, with much planning required well in advance. With Trend, you can book flights minutes before departure and have the experience of flying in a private aircraft without private jet pricing, and in the company of no more than 7 other Members—like-minded travelers who you’ll come to know by name. However, Trend does fly on a schedule, so unlike chartered service, you’ll need to choose from our available flight times.
How do I know if it’s right for me?
If you drive two to six hours regularly or fly commercial for more than two round-trips in a region we serve, you need a Trend-Shuttle membership. No need to waste valuable work (or play) time stuck in long airport lines, on hold with call centers, or navigating through complicated online bookings. Traveling with Trend eliminates the pain, hassle, and wasted time that accompany current travel options. With all that extra time, you could be focusing on what matters most.
How does the Trend community work?
At Trend you aren’t just a passenger, you’re a valued Member. We are creating an innovative and very real sense of community among travelers enjoying a new and better way to fly—a community where innovation is nurtured and ideas are shared. We want to be your home town airline!
How do I book a flight if I am a member?
For now we are booking through our site https://flytrendaviation.com/ and via phone at 407 374 3591 (FLY1).
Can I bring a friends and family to fly with me?
Complimentary Guest Passes are accrued once every quarter. However, additional passes can be purchased for $350 per seat.
How much Baggage can I bring? What are the fees?
There are no fees for baggage, however members are limited to one 30 lbs carry-on and one personal item such as a laptop case / back pack.
How far in advance of my desired flight will I be able to reserve my seat?
As a Member, you’re able to book flights four weeks in advance or up to twenty minutes before your flight (if seats are still available). We hope to make the reservation process as simple as possible. Log in to your account on your computer or mobile device, choose your destination, and reserve. That’s it. A few seconds and you’re done.
How many flights can I reserve?
You can keep two, in advance, at any given time. As soon as you fly, your reservation list is instantly refreshed, allowing you to book your next flight. (Please note: connecting flights require the use of two flight passes.)
What if the flight I wish to book is sold-out?
If you go to the website online or log on to the app on a flight that’s full, you can easily add yourself to the waitlist in case there are changes and the flight becomes available. We will honor the order of our Members on the waitlist, so once a seat opens up, you’ll have the option to book it if you’re next on the list. Of course, you can always book in advance to secure the reservation day and time you want.
How do I cancel a reservation if I'm not going to make it?
Just log on to the Trend mobile app, or iflytrend.com select the flight, and tap Cancel. Again, there are no fees for cancellations. We encourage you to cancel if you know you’re not going to make it, so that a seat may open up for another Member who wishes to fly. If the flight is not full and you need to cancel within 24 hours before departure, there will be no penalty. However, if it’s a full flight and you forget to cancel at least 24 hours before the plane leaves the ground, you will lose access to one of your reservations for 5 days. It’s our way of encouraging you to be courteous to fellow Members.
What kind of aircraft do you fly?
We fly the Fairchild Metroliner configured for business with 15 and 19 -seat executive aircraft with executive interiors—so you’ll always have a spacious and comfortable seat and amenities with all the speed and comfort of a private jet.
Who flies the aircraft?
Trend pilots have graduated from the best aviation universities and are industry veterans having flown thousands of hours on commercial, military, charter, and private aircraft. We’ve selected each of our pilots based on their experience, unwavering commitment to safety, desire to be the absolute best in the field, and passion for genuine personal service.
Is there a restroom on the aircraft?
Yes. There is a small private restroom on each of our aircraft. Candidly, on an aircraft of this size and with flights short in duration we recommend keeping it vacant and for emergency use only.
Will I have Wifi on the aircraft?
Not currently, but all of our terminals have complimentary Wifi service.
What if my flight gets canceled due to weather?
It can happen, despite all of our collective experience and know how, we just cannot control the weather. Weather may cause disruptions; for instance, Hurricane season winds may blow or Tallahassee Fog may roll in, preventing our aircraft from taking off or landing. We’ll do our best to make up the time, but cannot guarantee that every flight will occur as planned.
What other services will be available at your airports?
Our airports are outfitted with WiFi, snacks, beverages, restrooms, a comfortable lobby, plenty of outlets to charge your devices, free parking, onsite car rentals, and helpful Concierge on site. We want to make you as comfortable as possible before your flight
What security measures do you use?
As part of each membership application, we conduct thorough security checks on all Members and guests before their first flight, and support with unobtrusive on-site checks before boarding as needed.
Can I transfer my membership/flight?
Yes. Corporate packages can be tailored for Members. Please contact info@flytrendaviation.com or call 407-347-3591 for more information.
Will my fee go up as you add destinations?
Is there a corporate rate?
Yes. Corporate packages can be tailored for Members. Please contact info@flytrendaviation.com or call 407-347-3591 for more information.