With Trend Airways, we set out to re-invent regional air travel by merging the
conveniences and service of a private jet with the economics of regional
airlines. Bringing private air travel to the rest of us.
Avoid the traffic and airport mess when you fly exclusively between our private
terminals and go from parking to take off. Show just minutes before your flight,
and grab a complimentary beverage in our private lounge, until our concierge
boards your flight. No lines, no waiting, no joke.
Once onboard, you can enjoy:
• Comfortable leather seats
• Business class legroom
• Power outlets
• Full concierge services
• Complimentary gourmet snacks, beer, wine and spirits
Once at your destination, simply retrieve your bags plane side and walk out to
your waiting ride or grab a rental car from our on-site vendors. No baggage
claim, no crowds, no wait.

We fly between a growing list of cities:
• Orlando
• Tallahassee
• Ft Lauderdale
• Key West

We hope to see you onboard one of our flights soon.


Jon Houdyschell
CEO / Founder: Jon has a two decade long career ranging from regional operations at
Piedmont airlines, VIP operations with Net Jets and major airlines at US Airways and
American. His aircraft qualifications range from turbo prop to heavy jet. With a mindset of
innovation, he has taken Trend from one of central Florida’s largest private jet management
firms, to a disruptive private airline poised to change how Florida and other regions travel.
Robert Baker
VP Flight Operations: Rob has the overall accountability for Trend Airways operations. He
holds the responsibility to ensure that effective controls are in place and monitored for all
flight activity and has direct oversight of the line pilots and operations control. Robert is a
graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Rob’s pilot resume is extensive from
regional jet to Boeing 747 and 777. He has extensive background with regional carriers and
most recently Trans Pacific and Asia with Cathay Pacific.
Jack Haun
VP of Fleet Maintenance: Having spent nearly 50 years in Aviation, with 33 of those years at
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as the Director of Aircraft Maintenance and an extensive
Officer career with the United States Air Forces Aircraft Maintenance command, Jack is an
integral part of Trends culture. He is responsible for the fleet maintenance and operations
control. Jacks experience is at the heart of our strong safety culture at Trend Airways.